Googles Big Mobile Update

Is your Business Ready for Google’s Big Mobile Update?

Google is constantly rolling out new algorithms that affect website rankings and they have now included ‘mobile-friendliness’ as a ranking factor in response to the growth of searches performed on mobile/tablet devices.

What does this mean for your Website?

If your website is not readable on smartphones and other mobile devices it risks being penalised or down-ranked.

From 21 April 2015, responsive websites will benefit from the mobile-friendly algorithm update after Google has crawled their site and noted the change.

If you want to get your website smartphone optimised and multiple-device friendly, then you may have to have your website rebuilt. However, you should consider this as a critical investment in your website and not as a cost. Traffic to websites from smartphones and tablet computers is increasing to high levels, doubling year-on-year.

Here at Cre8ive, we specialise in websites that are optimised for mobile devices using Responsive Design. Contact us if you are concerned about your site Email or phone 03 474 1075.

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